Paradise Cove West Coast Style IPA

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Paradise Cove West Coast Style IPA

Paradise Cove West Coast Style IPA











Availability: Year-Round

12 oz Bottle


Paradise Cove West Coast Style IPA

Our Inspiration

Mavericks, CA

Waves often crest at over 25 feet and can top out at more than 60 feet in Mavericks, CA. For years, locals thought the location - full of underwater rock formations and boulders - was too dangerous for surfing. Few people thought that the big wave surfing of Hawaii was possible in Northern California. For nearly two decades, one young surfer and his friends surfed Mavericks alone. Most California surfers continued to deny the existence of big wave surfing in California. Eventually that changed, and today Mavericks welcomes the world's best big wave surfers.

The story of Mavericks, CA inspired our West Coast Style IPA. Measuring at 103 IBUs, this is a powerful beer with massive hop flavor. For decades, the prevailing opinion was that you had to go West to find Big IPAs. Like the legend of Mavericks, the Paradise Cove IPA proves that you can find Big Hop taste right here on the East Coast.

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