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American Heartland Wheat

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12 oz Bottle


American Heartland Wheat

Our Inspiration

Hutchinson, KS

Funnel Cake. Cotton Candy. Corn Dogs. Beyond the smoke and sizzle from the deep fryer, the Kansas night sky is ablaze in crimson, blue, green and gold as the lights from roller coasters, Ferris Wheels, and food vendors ignite the warm, clear sky. Just beyond this excitement, miles of wheat fields stretch in every direction. White wheat stalks sway silently to the rhythm of the State Fair music.

These wheat stalks will soon be harvested, milled and used as the backbone of our American Heartland Wheat Beer. Just like going to the Kansas State fair on a warm summer night, this is an easy drinking and thoroughly enjoyable beer. Born and raised in the American Heartland, this beer has a distinctive cloudy appearance with notes of citrus and lemon and is a great session ale for year-round drinkability.

The Style

American Wheat Beer

American Wheat has been popularized by the craft beer boom in recent decades, but its historic roots trace back to German Weizen beers and Weiss beers and Belgian Wit beers.  Traditional German and Belgian wheat beers consisted of at least 50% wheat in the grain bill and specialized yeast strains that produced strong banana and clove flavors.

Before the 1980s, Wheat beers were rarely produced in the United States.  Unlike the German and Belgian beers, American Wheat beers often use a regular ale yeast rather than the traditional German or Belgian yeasts.  This offers a subdued flavor profile.  Additionally, most American Wheat beer contains less malted wheat - typically 30% rather than more than 50% of the European versions.

Our American Heartland Wheat is pale yellow in color and 4.6% Alcohol by Volume, making this a perfect year-round beer.  With natural citrus notes and a cloudy appearance, this is a great sessionable beer with a mild, bready flavor profile and low bitterness.

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