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¡Exploramos! Mexican Lager

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¡Exploramos! Mexican Lager

Our Inspiration

Cabo Corrientes, Mexico

Unlike the popular resort destination Puerto Vallarta which is located just to the northeast, the beautiful beaches of Cabo Corrientes are often vacant and undisturbed.  This hidden oasis is not easy to find, but it boasts nearly 50 miles of uninterrupted paradise: pristine beaches falling into the Pacific Ocean, pure white sand fading to clear water, abundant vegetation and fresh mangoes, papayas, coconuts and bananas.  Some of the local beaches have barely been explored; the ideal private oasis.

Like the pioneers who first discovered Cabo Corrientes, we are inspired to explore our world.  The voyagers of yesterday dared to challenge the status quo and pushed boundaries to discover new worlds.   Our ¡Exploramos!> Mexican Lager is for today's explorers: Those that are bold enough to test the waters, make discoveries, and discover new worlds. 

The Style

Mexican Lager

Mexican Lagers traditionally come in two types: An amber lager and a pale lager.  The pale lager historically used flaked maize and was brewed similar to an Austrian Vienna-style lager. 

However fermented beverages were made in Mexico as early as 1,000 BC.  The Mayans brewed fermented chocolate drinks.  Shortly thereafter, the alcoholic beverage Pulque was discovered by natives of what is now Central Mexico.  This milk-colored beverage is made by fermenting the sap of certain types of agave plant stems.  According to one legend, the Pulque was discovered by Lord Tiacuache, the Great Opossum who once ruled the land before the time of man.  According to the legend, Lord Tiacuache used his human-like hands to dig deep inside the agave plant stems and extract the naturally fermenting liquid inside.  Lord Tiacuache, according to lore, was responsible for setting the course of rivers.  These generally started as straight lines, but would quickly become meandering paths as he drank more and more Pulque.

The modern Mexican Lager dates to the 19th century when European immigrants began to settle in the area that is now Mexico and Texas.  They brought with them traditional German and Austrian beer recipes and began to use Mexican corn. 

Today, most breweries in Mexico are owned by one of two large global conglomerates.  Mexico is the leading exporter of beer in the world, exporting over $4.2 billion of beer in 2020.  Consulate Brewing Company offers an American-made Mexican Lager steeped in tradition.  True to tradition, we incorporate flaked maize in our Grain Bill and honor the early Mayans by adding a small amount of chocolate to each batch.  This Amber Lager features a Belgian Pilsner base and a mix of Vienna and Munich malts to provide for a richer and more complex taste.

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